Carbon Maps

The map:

Map maintenance needed

How to use the map

zoom toolWhen the map is first opened, the 2010 Carbon stock map is visible along with the Legend panel. From there, use the zoom tool to zoom in (+) and out (-). Click and hold the mouse to pan around the map (slide it side to side and up and down).

Layers icon To view the available layers and turn them on and off, click on the layers icon. Check the box to make a layer visible. Remember, layers draw in the order they are listed. If a carbon map or land cover map is checked on higher up in the list, the layer(s) that are lower will be hidden.

Legend IconThe legend icon will open the panel and show the legend (color ramp) for all layers that are checked "on" and are therefore drawing.

Share IconThe share button makes it easy to share the map with your friends on facebook, google plus or good old email.