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A variety of maps in pdf format including soils, contours and orthophotos.

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Visit and interact with CTECO maps in the cloud. Save and share them too.

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Easy-to-use interactive map viewers for single topic maps.

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Advanced interactive map viewers with more data and tools than the Thematic Map Viewers.

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Basic description of CT ECO geospatial data and maps.

2010 Color Aerials | Contours | Parcels

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Comprehensive explanation of natural resource and environmental information.

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Connect your GIS software to CT ECO map services. Add our data to your maps.

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Download the 2012 Ortho imagery and links to sources of geospatial data for CT.



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Access video training for each section of the CTECO website.

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Watch a full-length webinar introducing CT ECO and the many ways to access geospatial information.

News & Updates

LiDAR for Connecticut

New Viewer, web pages and map services!

Making Cents Out of Carbon Sequestration Using CT's Land Cover Data

Check out the information, maps and really interesting conclusions. More will be added to this section in the future.

March 2012 Imagery

April 12, 2013

All the imagery has been delivered, processed and is being served! We put together an info page for the imagery here. It lists different ways to view the imagery on CT ECO, as well as facts about the imagery and a brief history of how it came to be.

Check out the new imagery!

New maps in the Map Catalog include:

  • Coastal Area
  • Coastal Boundary
  • Ortho 2012 NAIP (leaf on) Color
  • Ortho 2012 NAIP (leaf on) Infrared

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