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The Advanced Map Viewer is an interactive map viewer that allows you view more data and use GIS tools than available in the Thematic Map Viewers. The Advanced Map Viewer will display more than one map theme or data layer at once, allowing you to customize the map to display the information you want. You choose the map themes to display. For example, you can display Aquifer Protection Areas, Water Quality Classifications, or Drainage Basins with or without aerial photography in the background. You can pan and zoom the map, zoom to a street address or town, click on features on the map for database information, and print a map.

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Coastal Hazards Viewer CT Coastal Hazards Viewer

The Connecticut Coastal Hazards Viewer is designed to allow users access to several pertinent suites of data for coastal Connecticut. Presented here are data representing sea level rise, high-resolution coastal elevation, hurricane storm surge, coastal erosion, and environmental observations such as tides, water quality, waves and currents.

Visit the Coastal Hazards Mapping Tool page at CT DEEP for more information.

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CT Coastal Hazards Viewer


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Refer to Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to use the Advanced Map Viewer

Refer to Datalayer Information for information about the data available in the Advanced Map Viewer.

Refer to Connecticut Digital Orthophotography for descriptions of aerial photography available in CT ECO.


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